Ruth Sermon Series

Over 7 weeks we are going to look at the Book of Ruth. It is traditionally read in Jewish Synagogues in May and June, the time of the barley harvest in which our story is set. But it’s not just the seasonal resonance that connects with us. 

Thematically it very much connects with today’s world, although there is a clear sense that even when the story was written down it looked back to past era.

In Ruth we will explore themes of social migration, social welfare, ethical business practice, work, patriarchy, the family, and inter-racial marriage.

Ruth isn’t just an interesting read as we reflect upon the world we live it. Ruth is focused upon the personal lives of individuals and invites us to consider our own relationship with God and others.

If your are struggling to hear God, feeling abandoned, bereaved, despairing, or simply can’t imagine anything great coming from your ordinary life then this series in the Book of Ruth will be refreshing, encouraging, gloriously hopeful, and even challenging – in a good way! 

Sermons will be added here as they become available.

We are also looking at the Book of Ruth at Small Groups on Wednesdays with a video teaching series by Bianca Juárez Olthoff, to run in parallel with our sermon series.


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