Creative Resources for Families

Internet Links

Blackburn Diocese Bible Podlets


Prayer Spaces in School

Although is designed for use in schools does have good prayer activities for children which could be done at home.


Flame has a huge variety of ideas and resources


Godventure – has some great ideas


Other ideas

Lego – choose a bible story, make the characters, backgrounds etc out of lego and tell the story


Creative Prayer ideas


You will need

1) A bag of M&M’s any coloured items  (you can use any coloured sweets- just change the colours below if necessary) 2) A container to put them in (if possible- one that doesn’t allow people to see the sweets so they have to choose at random. (i.e. brown paper bag- vase you can get your hand in)

Now to him who is able to do iMmeasurably More than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work in us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever. Amen Eph.3:20- 21


INSTRUCTIONS Reach into the container and take an M&M or coloured items at random. Pray according to the colours.

GREEN: thank God for one gift or one good thing in your life (Family, Love, Health, enough etc.) BLUE: pray for a friend or neighbor who needs help or who needs to know Jesus.

RED: pray for someone you love.

YELLOW: pray for our leaders or those God has put in charge of something (Church, School, Government) For each

ORANGE: pray for someone who is sick or hurt and needs healing.

BROWN: Pray for yourself. Tell God something you are sorry for, something that’s worrying you or something you need help with.

You can eat the M&M after you have prayed!



Lord’s Prayer

Jesus gave his friends a brilliant present: he gave them the present of a prayer. It’s a magic sort of prayer: the bigger you get, the bigger the prayer gets! Jesus’ friends have been praying this prayer for nearly 2000 years and they haven’t worn it out yet! We’re going to learn this prayer today and see if we can say it with actions. It’s a family prayer to say together, so it starts off:

Our Father in heaven (point up with one hand and keep it up).

And we need reminding how holy God is, so we say that his name is holy or hallowed:

Hallowed be your name (point up with the other hand so both arms are raised).

We ask God to make things better on earth, so we say:

Your kingdom come (as you’re speaking bring your hands across your body, crossed in front of you, and then let them spread out to either side),

your will be done (continue the movement till your arms are open wide),

on earth (turn hands palms down)

as it is in heaven (turn hands palms up).

We ask him for the good things we need:

Give us today our daily bread (bring your hands together like a bowl in front of you).

And we ask him to make us right with him and with each other:

Forgive us our sins (wipe one hand across the other twice as if wiping away dirt),

as we forgive those who sin against us (turn hands over and repeat the action four times in a rhythm with the words).

We ask for protection and safety:

Lead us not into temptation (clench a fist and place one arm firmly across your chest).

But deliver us from evil (clench the other fist and cross that one across your chest).

And we finish with a joyful shout of praise:

For the kingdom (open arms wide again), the power (make a ‘strong man’ pose with clenched fists) and the glory(make a full circle with your hands from as high as you can to as low as you can in front of your body) are yours (push out arms forwards) now (indicate the start of a ‘timeline’ with your left hand) and forever (continue the timeline over to the right with a spiralling ‘on and on’ movement with your left hand). Amen! (Finish with both arms up again and a high clap.) Pray it several times to practise.


Try it very loud and very fast, then very quietly and with quiet music behind it. Encourage people to pray it at home at bedtime, and remind them that the older they get, the bigger the prayer will get!



Prayer Jar

Resources – An empty jar/jug, pens and paper

Prep –  Cut the paper into little bits and on the top write Thank you, Sorry Please

Activity – Get each person in your family to write/draw on their own slip of paper something they are Thankful for, Something they want to say Sorry for, Something they want to ask God