Small Groups

Who are they for?

Any church member who wants to go deeper in their faith. They are not instead of church but designed to be a space to encourage further growth of discipleship.

 What are they?

Small groups begin with a time of worship in one large group. Together we watch a video clip that introduces the topic we are thinking about. We then split into small groups and start by discussing the video. We then look at Biblical texts surrounding our theme with some questions to help guide our conversation. We then give time to share prayer requests in our small groups and praying for each other and other key aspects of our church life. We stay in the same groups from week to week and commit to praying for each other. Individual small groups are encouraged to think about how they can serve the wider church together.

When are they?

Every Wednesday evening from 7.30 pm, always finished by 9.15 pm. We are currently following Dr. Tony Evans’ series alongside our sermon series on 1 John.

Along with using the best video based resources Rev’d Will Gibbons produces one video based series each year. A trailer of our series on ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ is available below.

A trailer of our 2014 series is below. The 2014, 2015, and 2016 full series of videos are available in full on our YouTube channel.

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