Harvest 2020

On Sunday 27th September we begin a new 5 week sermon series ‘Gratitude’ as we celebrate Harvest. This series offers an opportunity to teach gratitude by calling out the things that keep us from being truly grateful. A misplaced focus prevents us from seeing all the blessings that are right in front of us. In this time of global pandemic, talk of “new normal” can naturally lead us to nostalgia, worry, entitlement, greed and disappointment. We don’t want to be led by those things. Returning to God honestly enables open hearts to be cultivated by an attitude of gratitude.

As part of our Harvest offering we will be collecting dry food goods to help replenish The Brick’s food bank stocks. During Covid-19 they’ve seen a 272% increase in demand for food parcels and a 74% decrease in food donations. If you are attending church on Sunday please do bring a donation. If you are joining us online then why not make use of a collection point at your local supermarket next time you do your shopping.

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