1 Corinthians – Sermon Series

In his correspondence with the Corinthians Paul challenges the presumptions of wealth, power, knowledge and accomplishment. We were not made to build our own kingdoms, but God’s.

Corinth was one of the most important cities in Greece, a leading sea-port and commercial centre with a population of more than 500,000 people. Athens had lost it’s political importance and Corinth was capital of the province and the seat of the governor.  Paul’s mission to Corinth is described in Acts 18 (well worth reading). Paul is brought before the Roman governor Gallio, which helps us to date this visit by his term of office (summer 51 to summer 52). Paul spent over 18 months in Corinth, working collaboratively with Priscila and Aquila, and Timothy. The converts were a mixture of Jews and Gentiles.

The church in Corinth was a large church, broken down into smaller communities meeting in homes. It is an interesting letter to consider as we look to understand ourselves as one Church in Wigan, in several hubs with many worship communities.

Over the next three months may God teach us through this letter the truth of the gospel, deepen our love for each other, strengthen us by the Holy Spirit & remind us of our calling in Jesus Christ.

Listen to the series below.

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