Words of the Cross

Across Lent and Holy Week 2018 we will be journeying through a new sermon series, ‘The Words of the Cross: Seven Sayings of Jesus on the Cross’. The final words said before death are often seen to be significant. In the Scriptures seven is the number of perfection. Crucifixion is the only form of execution where the executed are able to speak as they die. In choosing the cross Jesus was able to articulate his last words. In making seven statements Jesus communicated in a complete sense that which is of crucial importance. We will be exploring the themes of forgiveness, salvation, relationship, abandonment, distress, triumph and reunion.

Alongside our sermon series we will be exploring each of the sayings in our Small Group series. Will Gibbons filmed this series in Wigan and Bolton and each film includes a different person telling some of their story.

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