Remembrance 2016



Our services for Remembrance 2016

Friday 11th November

10.45 am Act of Remembrance in Alexandra Park (Bowling Green)

Sunday 13th November

9.15 am Holy Communion in church

10.30 am WHCC Holy Communion at Bramble House

10.50 am Act of Remembrance in church

11 am All Age Worship in church


Jesus wept.

Two short words that are so significant, so powerful, so insightful. When the Bible was divided into chapters and verses it was so appropriate that these two words were assigned their own verse. John 11:35 reveals to me something of the glory of the Lord of heaven and earth. The prophet Isaiah foretold “a man of sorrows” who would be “acquainted with grief” (Isaiah 53:3). Isaiah continues, “surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows” (Isaiah 53:4). His love is so marvellous that he made our pains His very own. God took on all our humanity in Jesus. He took on all our emotions, including our sorrow. John Calvin wrote, “Christ has put on our feelings along with our flesh”. Jesus’ tears for Lazarus reflect His great love. They also reveal His righteous anger at death. In John 11:38 we read that Jesus was “deeply moved”. Elsewhere in the Scriptures this word is used as a stern warning or even rebuke. In other Greek writing of the time it was a term used to describe the snorting of horses, in humans it usually meant anger or outrage. Jesus’ tears are both a sign of His love and His anger but they are not a sign of despair. They are tears that lead to action. Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. It is a sign that Jesus will act decisively because of His love and His righteous anger at sin and death. After raising Lazarus Jesus returns to Jerusalem go to the cross and defeat death once and for all. Jesus rose victorious over death. His promise is that all who put their trust in Him with triumph too. In eternity He will wipe away every tear. Today as we pause and remember those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of others, we recognise the great pain and loss this brought. We also recognise that in Jesus we have a God who knows our sorrow and grief. We remember His sacrifice where He acted on our behalf to ensure that we do not weep forever but will have everlasting joy.

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