Order of Prayer


In 2015 the very first priority recognised by Transforming Wigan was to “germinate prayer” for our town and borough, on the understanding that nothing is impossible when God’s people pray.

Prayer is rising in many different ways across the town and borough. A significant element of this is the creation of a Wigan Order of Prayer.

The Order is a community of people who are called to pray daily for Wigan. Vitally, their prayers will break open hard ground, allowing the seeds of the gospel and transformation to take root and bear an abundant harvest.

Members of the Order will make a common promise for a year to follow a simple “Way of Life” based around prayer. This will bring unity, purpose and mutual encouragement. Also they will be commissioned by the Bishop as an honoured part of Team Wigan.

The simple WAY OF LIFE

The Order offers this commitment to Wigan

1. Each pray every day for the people of this town, listening to what the Spirit is saying.
2. Give an hour a month, to the Order’s 24 hours of prayer.

The Order of Prayer is led by Rev Philip Anderson. Rev Philip comments “It’s interesting that God is calling people from all church traditions to be part of the Order. We may pray differently, but we are all prayer warriors, our hearts and voices caught up in unity by the Holy Spirit as we seek God’s best for Wigan. That’s what is so wonderful about the Order of Prayer: unity in diversity”.


If you would like to explore joining the Order of Prayer you can contact Rev Philip using the contact form below.

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