Deeper Discipleship


On Sunday 2nd October 2016 we have the privilege of hosting the next phase of the Deeper Discipleship meetings as part of the Transforming Wigan movement.

Tim Montgomery, Director of Mission, writes:

“The transformation agenda is in the hands of the disciples of Jesus who are 100% devoted to Him and willing to serve Him at any cost wherever they are in Wigan. This next season is about drawing near to Him, learning to hear His voice again and responding to Him in love and faith knowing that He fills us with His Spirit for His work in and through us – individually and as Church together.”

“This isn’t a ‘service’ or a ‘training session’ or a ‘PR event’. It is purely an evening of drawing near to the Father, through the Son in the power of the Spirit. There will be fellowship, worship, prayer, testimony, encouragement… and refreshments of course.”

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