Lent Course 2016: What have you got?

For Lent 2016 our Small Groups are going to get even smaller for six weeks! We will be following the Transforming Wigan ‘CORE-groups’ Lent material. ‘CORE-groups’ are to strengthen, encourage and challenge disciples of Jesus living out their faith every day.  A core group is made up of four disciples who commit to journeying together for a period of time as they all seek to follow Jesus and do the work of a disciple.  Each person brings their own life experience, gifts and ministries to the group and offers them to one another to help and be helped in the journey ahead.

We will be meeting together at 6.30 pm in St Mark’s CE Primary School to begin with worship. We will then watch a short clip featuring either Tim Montgomery or Ian Woods. We will then collect our refreshments before breaking off into our CORE-groups. The first session starts on Sunday 14th February 2016.

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