Remembrance Sunday

Our Services on Remembrance Sunday:

9.15 am Holy Communion at Wigan Investment Centre

10.30 am Worsley Hall Community Church Holy Communion at Bramble House

10.45 am Act of Remembrance in Red Pepper Café in Wigan Investment Centre

11 am All Age Worship in Wigan Investment Centre

6.30 pm Small Groups – Chase Session 6 ‘Surrender’ meeting at St Barnabas Church Marsh Green


From 10 am – 10.45 am the café will be open. Keeping our tradition of baking and bringing cake to All Age Worship we can share our cake in the café. At 10.45 am we will hold our Act of Remembrance in the café.


As we gather for worship on Remembrance Sunday we honour those who gave their lives to bring peace and we also pause to remember our vocation as peacemakers. God calls us to actively pursue all that makes for peace, not just ‘keeping the peace’ but making it. Most of all, on Remembrance Sunday we look to the Prince of Peace who sacrificed His life to bring us peace with God.  As we continue our ‘Jesus is_’ series we explore the theme ‘Jesus is peace’. We encounter the Prince of Peace in our account from Mark 4:35-41 where Jesus calms the storm. Apart from fishermen, the Jews were not seafaring people. The sea for them symbolised for them a dark power of evil that threatened to destroy. Often in the Old Testament the sea is the place where monsters live. As the disciples panic, Jesus is calm and displays His power over the storm, making a statement of His authority. Jesus has power over darkness and the storm. When Jesus truly defeated evil it looked to the disciples like a defeat. As Jesus hung on the cross it seemed incomparable with the Jesus who commanded the wind and the waves to stop. Yet on the cross Jesus overthrew the powers of darkness. On the cross Jesus was calm, described in the Bible as being like a sheep that is silent as it goes to slaughter. Even in His surrender He was in control, He knew what He was doing, He was sacrificing His life for us that we could have peace with God for eternity.

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