J10:10 School Vegetables Update

11894797_10153073506558857_113525291_oAs part of our Harvest Appeal in 2014 we aimed to raise money to build a kitchen for a hospital, one of the projects run by J10:10. It was great that our whole parish got excited by all that God is doing through J10:10 in Uganda, including our church school. The amount that was raised far exceed what was needed to build the kitchen. The extra money was used to plant green vegetables to feed the school children in Uganda and to buy a wheelchair for Michelle, one of the pupils. Through the planting of a vegetable garden better nutrition was provided for all the children in the nursery and primary school (which now numbers 250 children). The vegetables in the picture above were left over when school ended on 14th August 2015 and so they were distributed to parents. Good work. God’s work. Thank you all who gave so generously.

You can read more about J10:10, vegetables and the end of the school year in their blog post by clicking the link below.


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