South Korean Prayer Mission 2015

Korean Prayer Mission 2015

In September 2014 a team of 12 prayer missionaries came from South Korea with a simple and focused vision; to pray for spiritual revival in Wigan. We are delighted that another team will be coming from Tuesday 23rd June – Monday 29th June.

On their website the organisers write:

“As an act of obedience, motivated by our thankfulness and love, we plan to send 600 Christians from South Korean churches to stand alongside host churches in 40 locations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, to pray for God to restore the UK church and to send His revival.”

South Korea sends the second highest number of Christian missionaries in the world. The inspiration for their visit to the UK is described as one of thankfulness and responsibility.

“We thank God for the many British Christians who dedicated their lives to mission in Korea. We are greatly indebted to them because of their fearless courage and because of the precious blood that they shed in our land in order to share the Gospel with our ancestors. We therefore regard the UK church as our mother church, which gives us a deep sense of thankfulness and responsibility to pray and support UK Christians. “

The team will be involved with a variety of activities with a number of open events including:

  • Welcome Event – Wednesday 24th June | 7.30 pm | Queens Hall Methodist Mission
  • Outdoor Prayer Meeting for Wigan – Thursday 25th June | 7.30 pm | Haigh Hall
  • Prayer Meeting – Thursday 25th June | 7.30 pm | Aspull Methodist Church
  •  Outdoor Prayer Meeting for Region – Friday 26th June | 7.30 pm | Billinge Hill
  • Prayer Meeting – Friday 26th June | 7.30 pm | Billinge Family Church
  • Commissioning Wigan House of Prayer – Sunday 28th June | 4 pm | St George’s Church, Wigan
  • St Mark’s Small Groups – 6.30 pm | St Mark’s Church, Newtown

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