Pentecost Sunday

Our guest preacher for Pentecost Sunday (24/5/15) was Rev’d Tim Montgomery. Tim is the Director of Mission for Wigan, appointed to lead Transforming Wigan. Previously Tim was Bishop’s Adviser for Mission and Leadership in the Diocese of Carlisle. Before taking on that role Tim was Vicar of St. Thomas’ Church in Kendal and Team Leader of a pilot Mission Community. The video below was filmed shortly before Tim’s commissioning as Director of Mission.

The event we remember as Christians on the Day of Pentecost is described in Acts 2:1-41. The Old Testament Scriptures record the Holy Spirit coming on certain people for specific tasks. The Old Testament prophets looked to the arrival of God’s kingdom when the Holy Spirit would be poured out of all people—young, old, male and female. When Peter read from the prophet Joel of this promise in ‘the last days’ he was explaining that this time had come. God’s kingdom has come as Jesus has come, and God’s kingdom is coming because He is returning; everything between Jesus’ first and second coming is ‘the last days’. So as we gather in these ‘last days’ we do so expectant for the power and presence of God’s Holy Spirit to equip us to proclaim the message of the kingdom. May we each know the fire of the Holy Spirit kindled within our hearts and as a church may we be revived as the Spirit breathes upon us.

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