The Parenting Children Course


What is The Parenting Children Course?

The Parenting Children Course is for any parents, step-parents, prospective parents or carers of children aged 0 – 10 years.

Why do the course?

  • Children do not arrive with an instruction manual.
  • No role we undertake is more important than parenting.
  • Family life is under great pressure today and parents face bewildering choices about how to parent effectively.
  • Discovering we are not alone in the challenges we face and picking up ideas from other parents can make a huge difference.
  • We can all learn how to make even the happiest family better.

Our most recent course started on Tuesday 12th May at 1 pm in church and running for 6 weeks. Each session lasts 2 hours and features a creche for young children.

To register interest in attending our next course please use the contact form below.

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