40 Days with Jesus

1280 x 720

The first Easter Sunday, nearly 2,000 years ago, changed everything. Following His resurrection, Jesus spent 40 days on earth, explaining the unexpected, restoring, guiding and empowering His disciples. This year we using the 40 days following Easter to explore the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. Each Sunday we are focusing on how the lives of those who met the risen Jesus were radically changed. We will look at Mary Magdalene’s life-transforming encounter, journey with Cleopas and his companion along the Emmaus road, experience Jesus coming in the midst of the disciples in their house through fear, see Peter’s failure overcome by Jesus’ gracious restoration, consider the Great Commission that the risen Jesus gives to His followers and His words of instruction and of great promise as He made His final preparations to ascend to the Father. We have also encouraged our members to follow a 40 day Bible reading plan that has been prepared by KingsGate Community Church and published by CWR (publishers of Every Day with Jesus). In May (10th) we will meet again as Small Groups to share our reflections as we journey together in these 40 Days with Jesus.

You can listen to the series so far on our Sermons page.

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