Commissioning of Joe Edgar

Joe EdgarOn Sunday 11th January at 2.30 pm in St. Mark’s Church Joe Edgar will be commissioned as a Local Missional Leader for Worsley Hall Community Church by the Archdeacon of Warrington. Rev’d Canon Tim Montgomery, who has been appointed Director of Mission in Wigan (Transforming Wigan) will be preaching.

LML is a new concept that is being explored in the Diocese of Liverpool as a creative response to the predicted reduction in stipendiary clergy numbers. Rev’d Will Gibbons comments “Joe is a great fit as an LML, a new approach to ministry that I believe will bring growth at WHCC. Joe is authentically ‘local’, he was born and bred on Worsley Hall. He is ‘missional’ with a focus on growing and making disciples. He is a ‘leader’, his faith in contagious and inspires others”.

Joe has been a member of WHCC since its inception. In his own words he describes how he discerned God’s calling.

“My walk of faith has undergone quite a change recently. Some months ago during my usual quiet times I began to feel that the Lord wanted more from me. I felt the need to deepen my faith but now I began to think being comfortable was not enough.

I started to look around at the people at my church whom I regard as stalwarts of the Christian faith and I soon realised that my own contribution to Christ’s mission was lacking. So I began to seek guidance from God as to how I might serve him in a more effective way. These feelings and thoughts were shared with two Christian friends and also with Rev’d Eileen Taulty. They were all a source of great encouragement.

In the last few months my prayer life and Bible study have become revitalised. I have been leading small groups at St. Mark’s as well as at WHCC and my walk with God is on a different level from where it was a short time ago. When the LML course was first mentioned to me I was shocked that Rev’d Will Gibbons and Rev’d Eileen Taulty would consider me for such a position, but if it is God’s will, then I want to be there for him.”

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