Christian Aid Week



Christian Aid week 2014 begins on Sunday 11th May. We are launching the week with a special Christian Aid themed Small Groups meeting. We are meeting in church at 6.30 pm as we usually do for Small Groups. We will begin with worship followed by a presentation from Ruth Platt (Christian Aid Regional Co-ordinator). Ruth has prepared study material for us to use in our groups as we get to grips war related poverty and our response as God’s people. It will be an excellent evening, one not to miss. As Small Groups we will also be working together with Street Collections for Christian Aid. Gordon Yates is co-ordinating the collections. Last year, a magnificent 20,000 churches across the country helped raise £12m (€14.3m) for Christian Aid Week. It is so exciting to think that this year we will be involved in giving many more people a future free from poverty.

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